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Ensure the security of your Digital Infrastructure with our Vulnerability Assessment Services

Comprehensive Vulnerability Assessment

Covering all bases – from internal systems to external networks and cloud environments – BUZZ’s Security Vulnerability Assessment Services integrate seamlessly with your engineering processes, offering robust protection as a scalable service.

Integrating with world-class scanners and filtering out the noise, BUZZ’s security Vulnerability Assessment keeps your business safe.

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BUZZ Vulnerability Assessment Services

Buzz’s offers tailored Vulnerability Assessment Services across internal, external, cloud, network, and application to protect your IT infrastructure against evolving threats.
Internal Vulnerability Assessment

Internal Vulnerability Assessment

Secure your internal network against hidden vulnerabilities.
  • Comprehensive scanning of internal infrastructure
  • Full network access for in-depth analysis
  • Identifies internal security gaps
  • Essential for safeguarding sensitive internal data
External Vulnerability Assessment

External Vulnerability Assessment

Shield your public-facing assets from external threats.
  • Scans internet-facing servers, applications, and devices
  • Website Vulnerability Assessment
  • Essential for protecting against external cyber attacks
  • Adherence to Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) guidelines
Cloud Vulnerability Assessment

Cloud Vulnerability Assessment

Secure your cloud environment with precision
  • Tailored for AWS, Azure, Google Cloud platforms
  • Detects vulnerabilities in cloud-provisioned assets
  • Ensures cloud services comply with security standards
  • Essential for modern, cloud-based infrastructures
Network Vulnerability Assessment

Network Vulnerability Assessment

Guard every node of your network infrastructure
  • Scans routers, servers, mainframes, and IoT devices
  • Identifies vulnerabilities in network-connected devices
  • Essential for comprehensive network security
  • Protects against a wide range of network threats
Application Vulnerability Assesment

Application Vulnerability Assessment

Keep your software systems resilient against attacks
  • Targets operating systems and web applications
  • Scans for widely exploited vulnerabilities like Log4Shell
  • Essential for maintaining secure software environments
  • Regular updates to counter new software threats
BUZZ CyberSecurity

Tailored Vulnerability Assessment

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Our Vulnerability Assessment Process

At BUZZ, we offer a dynamic and thorough approach with our result oriented Vulnerability assessment process, using industry-leading tools for vulnerability detection.

Our service is available as a one-time comprehensive scan or as a continuous integration within your engineering pipeline.


1. Initial Setup and Discovery

Asset discovery across internal, external, cloud
  • Tailored configuration aligning with your IT environment
  • Seamless integration with development cycles for ongoing assessment.
  • Ensuring extensive coverage of all digital assets.
attack phase

2. Automated Scanning

Performing Real-time vulnerability detection
  • Ongoing monitoring for emerging cyber threats.
  • Leveraging updated Common Vulnerability Scoring System (CVSS) for accuracy.
  • Incorporating the latest cybersecurity intelligence.

3. Noise Reduction

In-Depth examination to identify key vulnerabilities
  • Advanced techniques to minimize false positives.
  • Classifying threats based on impact and urgency.
  • Evaluating potential risks and consequences.

4. Dynamic

Capturing and Analyzing Change over time
  • Providing clear strategies for vulnerability management.
  • Documentation to aid in compliance and audits.
  • Assessing and reporting on overall security health.


At BUZZ, our experts will recommend the optimal vulnerability assessment type and approach.

Why Choose BUZZ for Vulnerability Assessment Services?

Here’s why BUZZ is your ideal partner for comprehensive and effective penetration testing solutions.
pentesting expertise

Advanced Technology and Reporting

certified team

Expert Team and Flexible Pricing

Trusted by companies of all sizes

Why is Vulnerability Assessment important for an organization?

Discover why vulnerability assessment is a critical component in keeping up with the growing cyber threats.

Uncover Hidden Vulnerabilities to identify and manage exploitable weaknesses in systems, crucial for maintaining robust security.

Ensure Compliance and Regulatory Adherence by meeting industry standards, thus avoiding potential legal and financial penalties.

Protect Against Exploitable Threats by safeguarding systems against a vast array of known and emerging cyber threats.

Enhance Business Continuity through proactive identification and mitigation of vulnerabilities, preventing operational disruptions.

Facilitate Informed Risk Management by providing critical data and insights for effective cybersecurity decision-making.

Maintain a Proactive Cybersecurity Posture to stay ahead of cybercriminals through regular identification and mitigation of potential threats.

Industries We Serve

Tailoring penetration testing solutions to meet the unique security needs of diverse industries.

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fintech industry


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retail industry


Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

Vulnerability Assessment (VA) is a process used to identify, quantify, and prioritize vulnerabilities in a system. It involves scanning networks, software, and other digital assets to detect security weaknesses that could be exploited by cyber threats.
The frequency of VA depends on various factors like the size of the network, the sensitivity of data, and the changing threat landscape. Generally, it’s recommended to conduct VAs regularly, such as quarterly or bi-annually, to ensure ongoing security.
Vulnerability Assessment focuses on identifying and listing vulnerabilities, while Penetration Testing (or pen-testing) goes a step further by exploiting these vulnerabilities to understand the actual level of risk. VA is about finding potential weaknesses, and pen-testing is about testing them
While VA is a critical component in cybersecurity, it doesn’t guarantee complete security. It helps in identifying vulnerabilities so they can be addressed, but continuous monitoring, regular updates, and other security measures are also necessary for robust protection.
After a VA, it’s important to review the assessment report and prioritize the vulnerabilities based on their severity. The next steps involve remediation of these vulnerabilities, which might include patching software, changing configurations, or implementing additional security measures.

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Credits earned by the Founder & BUZZ

"BUZZ swiftly identified key vulnerabilities in our security, implementing access control and architectural changes.Their hands-on approach made them an extension of our team, not just a vendor, enhancing our overall success."
Mahendra Pratap
CEO, Asti Solutions
"Our partnership with BUZZ for a penetration test was impressive. Their speed, thoroughness, and professionalism identified critical vulnerabilities, making them a top recommendation for comprehensive security assessments."
Manish Talwar
CEO, Goalstox
"As miniOrange's technical co-founder, Sushma crafted a scalable, secure, and sustainable technical architecture for the initial IDP product, often burning the midnight oil. Her hands-on demos, even under tight timelines, consistently delighted our customers."
Anirban Mukherji
CEO, miniOrange


Penetration Testing

Penetration Testing, often known as “ethical hacking,” is a simulated cyber attack on your system to evaluate its security.

Risk Assessment

Risk Assessment is a strategic process that evaluates potential threats and vulnerabilities relevant to your business operations.


Explore our comprehensive collection of cybersecurity guides, case studies, and tools to enhance your understanding and strengthen your defenses.

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At BUZZ, our experts will recommend the optimal Compliance Assessment type and approach.
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