Cyber Risk Assessments Services

Evaluating and securing your business against diverse attacks with our Cyber Risk Assessments Services

Comprehensive GSystematic Cyber Risk Assessments ServicesDPR Compliance

Identify and prioritize the risks to your business’s most critical assets and implement the right protection.

Understand what exact security requirements are needed to address the detected risks.

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BUZZ Risk Assessments Services

Providing comprehensive risk analysis, threat preparedness, policy review, and regulatory compliance services to empower your business.
Cyber Risk Assessment Services

Evaluating and securing your business against diverse cyber risks

  • Holistic examination of networks, systems, and data security
  • Identification of critical assets and potential vulnerabilities
  • Detailed risk prioritization based on impact and probability
  • Strategic recommendations for risk mitigation
Threat Assessment Services

Analyzing and preparing for specific cyber threats to safeguard your business

  • Evaluation of external and internal threats
  • Focus on prevalent attack vectors such as phishing and malware
  • Assessment of operational and reputational impacts
  • Customized threat mitigation strategies
Compliance Assessment Services

Guiding your business to meet industry standards and regulatory requirements

  • Analysis of compliance with GDPR, HIPAA, PCI-DSS
  • Identification of gaps in legal and regulatory adherence
  • Guidance on compliance with industry-specific standards
  • Actionable steps for maintaining ongoing compliance
Policy Review

Ensuring your cybersecurity policies are robust and effectively implemented

  • Review and update of existing cybersecurity policies
  • Alignment with current cybersecurity best practices
  • Assessment of policy adherence within the organization
  • Recommendations for policy enhancements and training

Need a customized solution ?

Designed to cater to your business specific needs, our Cybersecurity risk assessment experts are here to craft a solution for your use case.

Introducing our Tailored Cybersecurity Risk Assessment Services-

BUZZ CyberSecurity
Tailored Cybersecurity Risk Assessment Services

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GDPR Assessment Methodology at BUZZ

BUZZ’s GDPR Methodology ensures your business achieves and maintains compliance seamlessly, adapting continuously to the evolving landscape of data protection regulations.

​Risk Assessment with

Applying NIST’s Identify, Protect, Detect, Respond, Recover​
  • NIST framework integration
  • Asset management strategies
  • Risk identification and prioritization
  • Developing specific mitigation actions


Ensuring adherence to GDPR, HIPAA, PCI-DSS​
  • Aligning with major regulations
  • Identifying compliance gaps
  • Creating compliance plans
  • Conducting regular audits

Threat Assessment

Proactive threat detection using advanced analytics​
  • Cutting-edge threat intelligence
  • Comprehensive vulnerability scans.
  • Attack scenario simulations
  • Business impact analysis

Cyber Policy

Developing and updating cyber policies with NIST & ISO standards​
  • Adherence to global standards.
  • Policy crafting and enforcement
  • Promoting cybersecurity awareness
  • Adapting to new cyber trends

Application Risk

Conducting detailed security assessments to safeguard applications.​
  • Application security testing
  • Secure coding verification
  • Third-party risk analysis
  • Remediation strategy development

Risk Assessment
as a Service

Integrating continuous, cloud-based risk assessment​
  • Streamlined cloud interface
  • Compliance focus
  • Collaborative risk assessment
  • Automated & expert analysis

Why Choose BUZZ for Risk Assessment Services

Discover why BUZZ is your preferred partner for comprehensive and effective risk assessment solutions.
pentesting expertise

Expertise and Specialization

certified team

Professional Team and Methodology

Trusted by companies of all sizes


At BUZZ, our experts will recommend the optimal risk assessment approach.

Why Cyber Risk Assessments is important for an organization?

Learn why risk assessment is an essential practice in protecting your organization’s operations and reputation.

Proactive Vulnerability Identification by pinpointing and addressing security gaps before they can be exploited

Regulatory Compliance and Legal Protection ensuring your organization meets industry standards, thus avoiding potential legal and financial penalties

Strengthened Security Framework enhancing defenses to keep pace with the rapidly evolving cyber threat landscape

Safeguarding Customer Confidence by demonstrating commitment to data protection, thereby maintaining trust and integrity in customer relationships.

Mitigation of Financial Risks preventing expensive incidents, such as data breaches or system downtimes caused by security threats.

Strategic Threat Anticipation staying one step ahead by understanding and preparing for potential cyber attacks and their implications.

Industries We Serve

Tailoring penetration testing solutions to meet the unique security needs of diverse industries.
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retail industry


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Credits earned by the Founder & BUZZ

"BUZZ swiftly identified key vulnerabilities in our security, implementing access control and architectural changes.Their hands-on approach made them an extension of our team, not just a vendor, enhancing our overall success."
Mahendra Pratap
CEO, Asti Solutions
"Our partnership with BUZZ for a penetration test was impressive. Their speed, thoroughness, and professionalism identified critical vulnerabilities, making them a top recommendation for comprehensive security assessments."
Manish Talwar
CEO, Goalstox
"As miniOrange's technical co-founder, Sushma crafted a scalable, secure, and sustainable technical architecture for the initial IDP product, often burning the midnight oil. Her hands-on demos, even under tight timelines, consistently delighted our customers."
Anirban Mukherji
CEO, miniOrange


Penetration Testing

Penetration Testing, often known as “ethical hacking,” is a simulated cyber attack on your system to evaluate its security.

Vulnerability Assessment

It pinpoints & measures security vulnerabilities across networks, systems, applications, offering insights into potential threats.

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

A risk assessment is a process to identify, evaluate, and prioritize risks to an organization’s operations and assets. It’s crucial to understand potential security threats and plan effective strategies to mitigate them.
Ideally, it’s important to always perform annual risk assessments. Also, risk assessment is required whenever there are significant changes in the business or IT environment, such as new system implementations, mergers, or changes in business processes.
A comprehensive risk assessment typically includes identifying and valuating assets, assessing threats and vulnerabilities, determining the potential impact of different risks, and recommending mitigation strategies.
Yes, risk assessments can play a vital role in ensuring compliance with various industry regulations and standards by identifying compliance gaps and guiding the implementation of necessary controls.
After completing a risk assessment, organizations typically receive a report detailing identified risks, their impacts, and recommendations for risk mitigation. The next steps involve implementing these recommendations and continuously monitoring and adjusting the risk management strategy.


Explore our comprehensive collection of cybersecurity guides, case studies, and tools to enhance your understanding and strengthen your defenses.


At BUZZ, our experts will recommend the optimal pentesting type and approach.
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